We Tried

We heard the same thing over and over . . . sure, we'll donate, but only to a "viable" candidate.

"Viable," we have learned, means that you are attracting enough donations to convince someone they aren't "wasting" campaign dollars.  

So to be viable you need to have donations, and to get donations, you need to be viable.

I spent as much of my own money as I can trying to get our message to catch fire, and I don't have any more to spend on this.  There's nothing more I can do, so I have notified the Federal Elections Commission that I have withdrawn from the race.  

I don't think I wasted my money, because I was pushing as hard as my finances permitted to get a message out that I thought was important for the American people to hear.  I hope it got out there enough to make a difference.

Thank you to all who helped, who donated, and who listened.

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