Health Care

Our national health care debate has been misguided from the very beginning.  We have spent enormous amounts of time, energy and taxpayer money trying to figure out how to pay for skyrocketing healthcare costs. What we should be doing is looking at why healthcare costs are skyrocketing.

Our health insurance system is based on the idea that insurance will pay the “usual and customary” charges for providing medical services.  Those who are determining what is “usual and customary” are the wealthiest people in most communities, who do business in the most expensive and modern buildings, who get together and all charge an amount which they consider to be reasonable. 

Their definition is vastly different from yours and mine.

The medical industry in the United States needs to make a decision: on the one hand, they can decide to be a charity and start acting charitable, keeping their tax-exempt status, soliciting donations and working together with their communities to improve healthcare for all Americans. 

On the other hand, they can decide they are a business, and I will support efforts to eliminate all tax incentives and investigate insurance fraud, price gouging and price fixing in the industry. I am all for people earning a fair living for the services they provide, but we deserve a free and competitive market, not one which has been manipulated to harm the very people the industry is supposed to help. 

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