Civil Rights



My position is simple:  you should be free to do whatever you want in America, as long as you aren’t hurting someone else.

I oppose conferring or denying any government benefit or privilege on any particular group based on race, sex, religion, preference or identification.

That determines how I stand on a variety of social issues.

What is “marriage”?  Government has no business saying who is and is not married, because marriage is a religious and spiritual ceremony and Government has no business rewarding people for participating in a religious or spiritual ceremony.  We should revise the internal revenue code to change “married” to “domestic partnership” and leave it to our churches and our individual beliefs to decide whether two persons are “married.” 

What is my stance on affirmative action?  The institution of affirmative action was created before I was born, and while there was a place for it during the Civil Rights movement, the institution is now more racist than not, because it presumes that a minority is unable to achieve equal status without help.  I oppose any governmental action which confirms special treatment on account of race.

LGBTQ . . . however you identify, it doesn't matter to me and it shouldn't matter to your government.  I don't care what consenting adults do in their private lives, and I won't waste taxpayer money worrying about it.  Nobody should be denied Government services or receive Government privileges because of who you choose to be with or what you choose to do with your body.

Transgender bathrooms?  I will not waste taxpayer money worrying about whether there should or should not be a law governing where transgender persons urinate or defecate.  States should be left to decide this issue, and I will oppose any Federal legislation either way on this issue.