Balanced Budget


The rate at which our deficit continues to add to the debt is unsustainable, and it will inevitably lead to the collapse of our federal government if we do not reverse it.

I do not believe raising taxes is the answer.  We are without question taxed enough already.

For decades our politicians have been telling us we can have our cake and eat it too, and they have been lying to us.  They have promised tax cuts while doling out trillions of dollars – including a lot of money we don’t have – to pet projects, useless Federal programs, and agencies which duplicate and hijack the authority of the states.

We must eliminate all unnecessary Federal programs and agencies and return all authority not given to Congress under our Constitution back to the states.  The only "necessary and proper" laws Congress should pass are those which directly relate to one of the enumerated powers given to Congress by the states.

I support reducing our federal government’s expenditures to a stable surplus, which will gradually reduce the debt.