Why Am I Running for Congress?

I believe that government is a necessary evil, and the only reason it exists is to protect our freedom. That means whenever government is unnecessary, it is only evil.  

There's a lot of evil in the United States Code.
I believe you have the right and should have the freedom to do whatever you like, as long as you are not hurting someone else.

For most of my voting life, I have been a Republican, but in recent years I have become increasingly dissatisfied with the party's obsession with religion and family values and its utter failure to reduce the size of the Federal government even with a Republican controlled Congress and a Republican President.

When I was confronted by someone a few years ago who said I wasn't a "real" Republican, I agreed -- but I sure as hell knew I wasn't a Democrat, either.  
I supported Gary Johnson in 2016, because he shared many of my core beliefs.  However, the Libertarian Party has two problems:  it isn't recognized in Ohio, and it has its share of Anarchists, and they tend to be the most vocal elements of the party, with their mantra of "all taxation is theft."
I am not one of those.
I call myself a Constitutional Libertarian.  I believe that our Constitution enshrines our rights and liberties, but we have gradually allowed our federal government to steer us away from those principles.  I believe our federal Constitution is a treaty between independent states, and we have allowed the federal government to violate that treaty by intruding heavily into the internal affairs of my state of Ohio.  Whenever we have allowed our federal government to expand, we as Ohioans have seen ourselves subjugated to the will of more populous states.
I have always believed that we the people have the power to reverse course, but when Pat Tiberi announced that he was resigning from office, I saw a unique opportunity to take an active role in guiding our nation back to what it was and should be. 
If a Republican congressman cannot make progress, in a Republican-controlled Congress, with a Republican President . . . why should we elect another one?  And how would electing a Democrat make things any better?
The time has come for a fresh voice, and there has never been a better opportunity for our 12th District to have that voice. That is why I am running as an independent to replace Pat Tiberi. And the only special interest I am beholden to, is yours--the citizens of district 12.